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8 Ideas for a Surf City Summer

Get ready for a Surf City summer! Oh and, we did the thinking for you. Here’s a killer list of everything you need to make it the best Surf City USA summer:

1. Get Moving! Stay active by hitting the beach, local bike trails, farmers markets and more. Our canned craft cocktails pair well with ‘on the go’ or ‘nowhere to go’ adventures!

2. Soak Up The Sun. Soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy Surf City’s coveted ‘endless summer’ weather. Lather on the SPF and stay covered with one of our SCSW hats, like our trucker hat or our dad hat!

3. Play In The Waves. Our lovely hometown has our backs with this one. We always say we like our craft cocktails how we like our waves – keep ‘em coming! Don’t forget, our canned craft cocktails are waiting for you on shore.

4. Cruise Around Town. Ditch boredom and go for a cruise! Hop on your beach cruiser or skateboard and explore the town. SPF, a SCSW towel and our spirits are a must… Stop by our Tasting Room to stock up!

5. Get Sandy. Walk along the beach and enjoy all of the views HB has to offer – from the Pier with our Pierside Bourbon Whiskey to the Dog Beach with our Shorebreak Vodka, we’ve got some of the best views – and drinks – right here in our backyard.

6. Represent Surf City USA. Represent your city whether you’re out and about or cozy at home by sporting some of our Surf City merchandise and apparel.

7. Do Some Cocktail-In-Hand Summer Cleaning. Make your chore list more motivating. You only need one hand to vacuum or dust! Mix up your favorite cocktail using our Surf City spirits and get it done.

8. Have An HB Bonfire. Grab some buddies and head to the beach for a bonfire! S’mores pair well with our canned craft cocktails – it’s science!

Now put on your SCSW sunnies, kick back and raise your good spirits (with some of our craft spirits)! Shop our spirits, canned craft cocktails, merchandise and more at Cheers to summer!


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