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About the Artists

As Huntington Beach residents, our focus was to find local artwork to showcase and bring attention to the artist’s beautiful work. Besides, who else could capture the culture, beauty & dynamics of Surf City USA better than locals? We hope you enjoy their artwork as much as we do and encourage you to visit their websites & social media pages to explore more of their work!

Artist: Anne Marie Price
Artwork: Headed Out (mosaic)

Anne Marie Price is an award-winning Southern California artist who specializes in creating Fine Art Mosaic. Her work is collected worldwide by long-time collectors and followers of her work and can be seen in exhibitions across the country. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Anne Marie brings her love of the natural, human nature and the ironic (and sometimes iconic) and enjoys using the art form of mosaic to create her vision of inspiration.
Anne Marie is also known for her popular Temporary Mosaic Beach Art which she regularly creates on the beaches of Huntington Beach, CA. These beach mosaics have been shared in local articles, local news programs as well on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

To find out more about Anne Marie and her artwork, you can find her at:
Instagram: @ampartstudio

Artist: David McNeley
Artwork: Lady McTiki

David McNeley, also known as “Mcbiff,” is a traditional artist from Huntington Beach, CA specializing in acrylic paint. Clean simplicity and hidden surprises characterize his paintings with American mid-century modern styles. Inspired by Disney artists that came before him and a healthy union with a paintbrush, Mcbiff has created a style that is both familiar and enthusiastically new. Mcbiff is a self-taught artist. His techniques are his own and have taken many years to develop. You could consider Mcbiff your typical artist living most of his time in thought. People close to him regularly have to snap him out of a gaze to get his attention back on point!
Imagination is a world everyone should enjoy past childhood; just also try to pay attention to the ones you love. If you can mold the two into one, you’ll always be happy and laugh in the most inappropriate situations!

To find out more about McBiff and his artwork, you can find him at:
Instagram: @mcbiffart

Melissa Murals
Artist Name: Melissa A. Murphy

Melissa Murphy is a 21st Century muralist. She grew up in the city of Huntington Beach and attended Long Beach State University where she studied technical illustration and painting, earning her degree in Studio Art. She surfs, dives and swims like a majestic creature out of Atlantis. She maneuvers the paint brush soft like a ballerina but strong like a tidal wave to create masterpieces that cannot be replicated. Her oceanic presence transfers through her into her art. The salt water and beaches of HB influence her paintings today. Melissa’s murals can be seen in the historic amphitheater of the Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts on Main St., Northside Market on 17th Street and other areas around Huntington Beach and Orange County. Currently she is working on many large public mural projects in Downtown Huntington Beach.

To find out more about Melissa and her artwork, you can find her at:
Instagram: @MelissaMurals

Sam Bernal Art & Design
Artist: Sam Bernal
Artwork: HB Dazzle

Sam Bernal is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and graphic designer working with leading brands in action sports, hospitality, and coastal municipalities. His vibrant, colorful and unique style of illustration is a perfect fit for consumer goods, apparel, movie/event posters, and album art. Sam also teaches young art students at the Huntington Beach Art Center and provides motivational art lectures to high school art students around Southern California.
With an engineering background Sam is uniquely qualified to create unique one-of-a-kind digital displays for hospitality environments and 3D signs.

To find out more about Sam and his artwork, you can find him at:
Instagram: @Sambernal

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