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Artwork Competition: Final Three

We are so excited about the 3 finalists that are in the running to replace HB Dazzle by Sam Bernal on our Shorebreak Vodka bottle. Each are unique in the way that they represent our SoCal surfing culture, and in the way that they were created. They are all different mediums, different techniques, and each artist has her own unique background. Yes, all 3 finalists are female artists!

We will be hosting a special event at our distillery & tasting room on Saturday, May 4th from 1-8pm. Come in, mingle with the artists, sip on a cocktail*, and VOTE!

If you are unable to make it in on May 4th, please VOTE ONLINE between April 26th – May 4th.

ARTIST HAPPY HOUR: May 4th – 1-4pm – Meet the artists in person
– Enjoy a complimentary nacho bar

ALL DAY FUN: May 4th – 1-8pm
– Our popular Pistolero cocktail is making a come back for the Cinco de Mayo weekend
– Artwork will be displayed and voting will be open until 8pm
– Raffle tickets will be sold until 8pm > enjoy a free tasting with every raffle ticket purchase*
– $10 cocktails*

Raffle tickets can be purchased for a chance to take home the winning piece of artwork. All raffle proceeds will go to the winning artist so make sure you participate to support them!

RSVP via Facebook

*Although this is a “special event” we will be open to walk ins all day so the 1.5 oz drinking limit will still apply.


In no particular order, below are our 3 finalists. Please support these talented artists by following them on FB and/or IG!
If you cannot make it on May 4th, please VOTE ONLINE

Artist Name: Anne Marie Price

Facebook Page.


About the Art: “Heading Out” mosaic

About the Artist: I do not remember a moment in my life when I was not creating art but I do remember the moment I decided I wanted to create mosaic art. It is in this process especially, that I find peace, purpose, and a way to say my truth out loud…with many little pieces. I constantly try to find a balance between the simple and the complex in my work. The subject and colors simple…and the movement within that subject…complex. This is what drives and challenges me to keep creating. This challenge to create what I see all around me, in nature, humanity, life and the ironic can be seen in every mosaic I make. I like to encourage the viewer to look closer by adding elements or materials you are not expecting to see and always include some kind of hidden message in my work. This is my way of including you, the viewer, in the process. A reminder that it is necessary that we look closer at our world in order to truly appreciate all its many facets.

Artist Name: Debra Slonim

Artwork Title: Wave Queen

Facebook Page.


About the Art: “Wave Queen” 9×12 color pencil on paper

About the Artist: Debra Slonim has always been intrigued, by fine art since before she can even remember. Through elementary she was drawn in by Meet the Masters, at ten her grandma taught her oil painting and then in high school she was consumed in making the perfect portrait. She then took classes at Orange Coast Community College where she began to build her portfolio. She then transferred to Cal State Channel Islands where she traveled abroad with the art department and after started the CI Art Club. She graduated from CSUCI in 2013 with a BA in studio arts, and an emphasis’ in painting and sculpture. After college she started working for a wine and painting studio, where her vivacious personality and love for fine arts /wine and beer was able to come out in a playful way. Two years, and many painting parties later she decided to go into business and start a mobile studio of her own. Pop Up Studios is her business that started in Oct. 2015, which is a traveling studio with step by step painting, sculpture and specialty craft classes which can be taught in your home, venue, or office location. She continues to be excited by art, taking graphic design classes at the local collage, working with OC Art Studios after school art program for kids, continuing painting her personal series and teaching at her mobile painting studio.

Artist Name: Samantha Berg


About the Art: This photo has been on display at our local union markets via Woodsnap and Statements magazine x HB gallery.

About the Artist: “I’m Samantha, but I go by Sam. Shout out to all the people who like to be called Sammie, because that one isn’t for me. I suppose it’s a pleasure to virtually meet ya’ll? I’m originally from Portland, Oregon but currently reside in Southern California. Perhaps I’ll tell the story and how I came down to California. Because, that in fact is quite interesting.
I’m here for a good time, not a long time. So what’s to limit me from dipping my toes in everything. Isn’t that the beauty of life? There are opportunities every where around us to take a new path or try something new.

I have a passion for sports marketing specifically, but event marketing is my bread and butter and with that comes all things social. Creating this website is and always will be for me, to expand my knowledge and continuously learn to grow within the digital world. A platform of my own away from social, away from the validation to be free to do and say whatever I feel. This isn’t another blog, and it probably won’t be for the faint heart. I’m a beautiful mess all wrapped in opposites. Organized Chaos, if you please.”

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