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Frequently asked questions

We opened to the public in a small 1300 square foot micro-distillery in Huntington Beach in 2018. We were just too small to notice until now!

Liquor laws differ per state, and as a craft distillery CA limits what we can sell at 2,250ml per person, per day. The combinations allowed per person are :

  1. (3) 750ml bottles
  2. (2) 200ml gift packs
  3. (1) 4-pk canned cocktails + (1) 750ml bottle
  4. (1) 4-pk canned cocktails + 200ml gift pack

We are technically a manufacturer,not a retailer, but as of 2016 the CA ABC decided to allow craft distilleries to sell directly to our customers which helps us succeed against the larger distilleries in CA.

Tequila can actually only be distilled and bottled in Mexico. It is what is called an “Origin Product”, and as such can only be produced in Jalisco, Mexico. Much like Scotch Whisky, French Champagne, or good ol’ American Bourbon, these can only be made in certain areas. But we have partnered with a 100 year old distillery in Mexico and might be importing Surf City Still Works Tequila soon!

Yes! We are actually a licensed brewery as well as craft distillery. Our seltzers are available all over California and a few limited release beers are available for tasting at our tasting room.

We are currently allowed to ship throughout California directly through our tasting room. Come on in or visit us online to place an order.

For out of California shipments, we have partnered with Speakeasy. Visit our online store to seamlessly make an out of state purchase to areas they serve.

We have a few sources of barrels, but most come from ISC out of Kentucky and Missouri.

“It depends” is the short answer. Sometimes it is only 6 months if aged in a small craft 5 gallon barrel. Other times it’s 2 years, or up to 4 years. But we don’t have any 4 year bourbon yet. We’re only a 3 year old distillery!

Since the very beginning we have strived to focus on what we do and what we like and not on what direction others may go. Spirits are such an individual preference – we honestly don’t have an answer to this question!

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