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Five Things You Can Do With A Cocktail In Your Hand

We get it – sometimes there is too much on your plate when all you really want to do is sip a Surf City cocktail… Which is why we’ve gone ahead and made a list of a few things you can do without having to put down your cocktail. Here is our Surf City Still Works list of five things you can do with a cocktail in your hand. Cheers to multitasking!

1. Vacuum & tidy up. It only takes one hand to plug in your vacuum, and one hand to push the vacuum around the house. The same for tidying up – one hand on the duster and the other on your cocktail. That’s our kind of multitasking – productive AND delicious. We suggest one of our Insulated Rocks Cups for this task – no spilling or adding any dust flavorings to your concoction.

2. Enjoy the Surf City sunshine. No hands needed for this one – grab a cocktail (or two) and go enjoy some Surf City sunshine! We are lucky enough to have great beaches, trails and walking paths here in HB, so let’s make the most of those! Go for a stroll in your neighborhood or head down to one of our glorious beaches and enjoy all that Surf City has to offer. We’ll keep you covered with one of our SCSW trucker hats or SCSW dad hats, so grab some SPF and a canned craft cocktail and you’re ready for any adventure!

3. Prepare your favorite snack or meal. We’re usually hungry, and some fixin’ in the kitchen always pairs well with a craft cocktail. Or better yet – mix in our spirits or one of our canned craft cocktails for some added flavoring! Boozy popsicles, tangy barbecue sauce, meat or veggie seasoning, a twist on your favorite dip – get creative in the kitchen with our spirits and then share your recipe!

4. Choose your mood: read a book or crank up the jams. You just need one finger to bump up the volume on your favorite tunes or turn a few pages from your pile of books. Shuffle your favorite tracks and have a *spirited* Surf City shindig, or cozy up on the couch with a good book and your favorite drink.

5. Make Another Cocktail. We saved the best for last. Even if you just thought about doing some of the above tasks, you definitely deserve a refill. So what’ll it be – a cocktail with one of our spirits or a ready-to-go canned craft cocktail? (Pro Tip: ‘all of the above’ is a perfectly good option – you do have two hands after all!)

Be prepared for whatever adventure the day may bring – shop our craft spirits, canned craft cocktails, glassware, merchandise and more on our website!


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