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Fun Ideas for Celebrating Mom Next Week

Here are 3 fun ideas for celebrating the moms in your life next week. Stock up on what you need today!

  1. This Surfrider Rum recipe of ours is sure to “paka’a” punch! Let mom chill by the pool while you prepare her new favorite fruity cocktail. Recipe here!
  2. Having a beach day or a park picnic? Be sure to bring some of our ready-to-drink canned cocktails or *brand new* seltzers. Remember not to bring open glass on the beach – so be sure to stash our spirits in one of our insulated rocks glasses for on-the-go celebrating with mom!
  3. If you’re grilling and chilling while mom relaxes, try out one of our spirits-infused BBQ recipes with our Pierside Bourbon or our Surfrider Rum.

Most importantly, give all of the moms tons of love! Cheers to you, moms.

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