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“Headed Out” Face Masks by Anne Marie Price

Local Huntington Beach, CA artist Anne Marie Price is no stranger to Surf City Still Works – Anne designed the artwork that is now featured on our Shorebreak Vodka! This piece won a competition we held at the end of last year where we asked local HB artists to submit their artwork for our original spirit bottle. Anne’s “Headed Out” mosaic features a surfer venturing into the breaking waves next to the beloved Huntington Beach Pier.

Anne Marie’s artwork has brought us locals joy for years, and it is now serving a unique purpose in these uncertain times. The “Headed Out” mosaic has been printed on fabric face masks that are available for purchase here.

Thank you, Anne Marie, for bringing your craft to our local community and helping support the growing need for face masks! We are proud to call you a partner and an HB neighbor.

Buy your “Headed Out” face mask here.

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