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Meet Our Canned Craft Cocktails!

Have you met our canned craft cocktails?! We have taken our quality, distilled in-house spirits and strategically crafted ready-to-drink recipes based on your tasting room favorites.

Our canned craft cocktails are sold in 12oz/4 packs and contain 10%ABV. The flavors are diverse and offer a convenient libation for drinkers of all tastes.

Moku Maid: Shorebreak Vodka, cucumber, mint & lime. Cool and refreshing. The perfect poolside sipper!
Goldenwest Martini: Pierside Bourbon, green apple, lemon & honey. Pour this over rocks and you won’t believe it came from a can.
Tiffany Twisted: California Gin, violet liqueur, lemon & thyme. Inspired by our most popular cocktail! Another poolside sipper.
Pistolero: Shorebreak Vodka, chili pepper & lime. Slightly spicy and addicting!

Next time you’re lounging at the pool or enjoying a backyard BBQ, don’t forget to invite Surf City Still Works’ sunshine in a can!

Pick them up in our tasting room, or find a local retail location.


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