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Meet Our New Team Members Ben and Bill

We are proud to introduce two of our new team members here at Surf City Still Works, Ben Carpenter as Director of Sales & Customer Service and Bill Auxier as Head Distiller. This is a very exciting time for SCSW as we are currently underway on building the second largest distillery in SoCal. We are lucky to have the guidance and support from Ben and Bill as we continue our rapid growth!


Meet our new Director of Sales and Customer Experience Ben Carpenter! Carpenter is an award-winning spirits specialist with more than 15 years of professional experience in the hotel, bar and brand management industry. In his new role at SCSW, Ben will be responsible for all product sales, from spirits to canned craft cocktails. As a mixologist, Ben will also help with the development of our cocktail menus once the new tasting room is open (stay tuned!), in addition to a new line of Surf City Still Works’ bitters.


Introducing our new Head Distiller Bill Auxier! Auxier comes to SCSW with more than a decade of brewing and distilling experience, including a background of building distilleries from inception. He will lead the distilling process at SCSW using a new column still that is capable of producing 8 gallons per minute, an improvement from the 5 gallons per hour in the existing still. The column still can run continuously without the need to stop and start between batches, and allows the distiller to create a cleaner, more pure product.

We can’t wait for you to meet the team soon! Stay tuned for updates as to when our new facility will officially open.

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