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The Tasting Panel Magazine | 10/12/18

91 Points Given to Shorebreak Vodka!


Shorebreak Vodka was rated 91 points by Anthony Dias at Blue Lifestyle. His review is featured in The Tasting Panel’s October 2018 issue on page 56.

“Smooth and creamy with a hint of vanilla; round and balanced; produced from organic corn in California at the first distillery to operate in Huntington Beach.” -Anthony Dias

It is humbling and so rewarding to receive such a high rating for Shorebreak Vodka. We knew we had something special when we tasted Batch #1 and couldn’t believe that there was no “rubbing alcohol” taste to it. Our Shorebreak Vodka comes off of the still at 195 proof and then filtered once through activated carbon on a slow 24-hour drip before being proofed down and bottled.

We invite you to visit us at our Tasting Room to try Shorebreak Vodka for yourself. As our friend who hates vodka said, “Holy crap, I can drink this.”

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