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The Tasting Panel Magazine | 08/27/18

California Gin Rated 92 Points!


How exciting! Our very own California Gin was rated 92 points by Anthony Dias at Blue Lifestyle. His review is featured in The Tasting Panel’s September 2018 issue on page 63.

“Vibrant nose with a silky texture and elegant flavor profile dominated by citrus; more finesse and style than you would expect from a first-time effort, this pretty bottle should be on every bar in Southern California.” -Anthony Dias

We are humbled and proud to receive such a high rating for California Gin. As many of our tasting room customers know, it took 25 “bad batches” before we landed on our final recipe. We invite you to visit us and try California Gin for yourself. Our proudest moments are when customers arrive stating, “I am not a gin person”, but end up leaving with a bottle for their collection at home because California Gin changed their mind.

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