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Crabb Brothers | 07/22/20

Pro Volleyball’s Crabb Brothers & Brandie Wilkerson Review SCSW Pacific Reserve Bourbon


ATTENTION ALL BOURBON LOVERS! Team USA pro volleyball brothers Taylor and Trevor Crabb reviewed Surf City Still Works’ Pacific Reserve Bourbon in their video series “Drinking Whiskey with the Crabb’s.” The brothers and fellow AVP pro Brandie Wilkerson gave our Bourbon an enthusiastic 9/10 rating!

We harvested our five gallon barrels of bourbon whiskey and bottled at CASK STRENGTH. There are only about 20-25 bottles harvested per barrel, and each barrel is slightly different due to the proof variance and shelf placement during the aging process.

Our single barrel bourbon whiskey has notes of brown sugar and maple with a hint of toasted oak finish. Sip it neat or proofed down with distilled water or a block of ice to release rich vanilla flavors. SHOP HERE NOW!

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