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Pizzarageous | 05/22/19

SCSW Boozy Pizza at Pizzarageous


Spirits are versatile and can be used in more recipes than just cocktails. They can be used in pasta sauce, BBQ sauce, and (our favorite) pizza sauce.

Pizzarageous is a local catering company who features Surf City Still Works spirits in their “Boozzaa” pizza line, which all have spirit-infused sauces. How cool is that?

California Gin: GinVegGINragous
Pierside Bourbon: Let’s Get Barbequed
Shorebreak Vodka: Say Cheese!

Pizzarageous is a catering service based in Huntington Beach serving up hot fresh pizza made and baked right at your event. Their Boozzaa pizza line option is an all you can eat concept, so your guests will not go away hungry! And they offer gluten free crust and vegan cheese upon request, which is an absolute necessity in Orange County, CA 😉

Hungry yet? Contact them now! Ray & Susanne are so easy to work with and really know what they’re doing. Make sure to tell him we sent you.

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