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Orange County Business Journal | 08/11/20

SCSW Featured in OCBJ – A Story of Momentum


We are excited to be featured in the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) this week! OCBJ Editor-In-Chief Mark Mueller and Reporter Jessie Yount interview SCSW Partner Chris Van Dusen and highlight our exciting growth. The article begins, “With $2.7 million in fresh funds and an all-star cast of investors with local ties, the 2-year-old Huntington Beach distillery—the city’s first craft distillery—is moving on with plans to expand. Funds will support a new 25,000-square-foot facility in Huntington Beach behind its existing location in a business park just off Gothard Street. The company hopes to open the new spot by the end of the year.”

The feature announces our Advisory Board, which includes Bob McKnight of Quiksilver, Robbie McKnight of Cuater, Travis Brasher and Ryan Ellis of TravisMathew, and Bart and Dan DeClark of Flavor Infusion International.

Bob McKnight is quoted, “I think I can speak for the advisory board when I say that we’re proud to be investing in our local community and in a product as cool as this. We will use our experience to guide the distillery to become one of the most recognizable and enjoyed brands in the space.”

The article also introduces two of Surf City’s newest team members. Director of Sales Ben Carpenter, who will be driving retail growth and brand expansion, and Head Distiller Bill Auxier, who will oversee capacity expansion from 5 gallons per hour to 8 gallons per minute.

Chris Van Dusen is quoted, “We think we’re positioned well in the current environment, as the only distillery in Huntington Beach and one of the few in OC. We are growing extremely fast and we couldn’t be happier to see our brand resonating with the community.”

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