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Andrew Hartshorne

Andrew Hartshorne is a Product Designer and Artist that has been working in the Surf Industry for the past decade. His work has been represented on products from Reef , Billabong,  Salty Crew and several community brands and retailers across the Southern California Region.

He tries to keep all of his work very simple and easily digestible. Using Watercolor, Pens, and Pencils, Andrew hopes to create simple nostalgic concepts that induce a hint of joy.


Where are you from?

Irvine, California


Why and how do you utilize the materials you incorporate into your artwork?

I like to keep things as simple as possible. Pencil, Water color, & micron pens are the only things I have in my quiver. I do not have much time to execute these graphics and so any other type of medium or material that requires excessive drying or preparing usually does not work with my schedule and rhythm in life. I think that is expressed in the actual content of the graphics or prints that I make, I focus on just one piece or collection or items and try to represent them in the most simplest of ways.


How has your artwork changed over time?

My artwork is influenced a lot by the ebbs and flows of the surf industry. My main job is designing products for surf companies and surf shops. So my eyes and ears are always studying the consumer behavior and interests of people that live or visit the coastal areas of Southern California. At the moment it is heavily influenced by fishing and more outdoor types of lifestyles and so that is usually the content I am studying and trying to figure out how to best put down on a piece of paper.


What is one thing you cannot live without?

I cannot live without Tortilla Chips. I am a pretty well disciplined health nut across the board. But if you put a basket of Tortilla Chips in front of me, I will not stop.


What’s your “pre-creativity” ritual? What gets you in your creative groove?

I like to start early a little before the sun rises. Open all of the doors and windows, almost like your outside but still inside and just slowly turn on the music, not to disrupt any neighbors mainly, but also to keep the vibes mellow.  Then as the sun rises and the music changes, slowly turn up or down the volume and beats to accommodate my mood. On top of all of this I pray that I am able to find myself in that highly desired ‘flow’ mode. But that mode always seems to come at its own time, I haven’t been able to completely figure out how to induce that level of focus and creative input on command.

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