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Anne Marie Price

Anne Marie Price is an award winning Southern California artist who specializes in creating Fine Art Mosaic. Her work is collected world wide by long time collectors and followers of her work and can be seen in exhibitions and private collections worldwide. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Anne Marie brings her love of the natural, human nature and the ironic (and sometimes iconic) and enjoys using the art form of mosaic to create her vision. Whether on the beach creating temporary beach mosaics with shells or in the studio creating mosaic using glass, tile or stone, Anne Marie continues to think outside the box with materials, quality and original contemporary designs.  


Where are you from?



What is one thing you cannot live without?

A comfortable place to sit down and create. I learned it is really important for me to be in a good and positive environment… even if its not anything fancy… I need it to be positive and full of good vibes or I don’t feel I do my best work.


What’s your “pre-creativity” ritual? What gets you in your creative groove?

I go for a walk with my camera to get some photo inspiration. Or look through photos online about a particular something I want to research so I can figure out how I want to personally create it. Music always, always gets me in a good creative head space and is never not on while I work.


What makes you feel connected to HB?

The people. I have never lived in a more supportive city. I can tell you countless stories of how I have been supported and lifted up by this business, by this city, and the people here I have met along the way. I can not say it enough… this is a true city supportive of the arts in so many different ways and I have been so grateful to be an artist here.


How did you first connect with Surf City Still Works?

A friend sent me a link for a vodka label contest. I thought… well why not… a mosaic would look really cool on a bottle… and the rest is history.

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