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Canaan Owens

I have grown up in Southern California. I find tremendous enjoyment from capturing those exact moments that mere mortals become the stuff of legend. I played basketball all the way up through college. Riding dirtbikes, surfing and golfing are my passions when I am not looking through the lens of a drone.


Where are you from?

Huntington Beach, California


What first inspired you to be creative?

I have surfed my whole life. I really think the drone point of view is unique and can add a lot to surfing. Land photography is never going to go away, but I think the drone angle compliments it nicely.


What inspires you to be creative today?

I really enjoy the reaction of surfers when they first see the angles and how different surfing can look from the air. I think they anticipate something and then are pleasantly surprised when they see it.


Why and how do you utilize the materials you incorporate into your artwork?

To be honest, the skillset to fly the drone has really be honed with video games.


What is one thing you cannot live without?

Authentic Relationships. I have met a lot of really incredible people in this industry. It’s cool to make genuine friendships pursuing something that we love to do. People are so caught up these days with social media likes and follows. Those things are cool but its really about doing the stuff that makes you feel happy. You can tell when someone is in your life for the right reasons.


What makes you feel connected to Surf City Still Works/HB/SoCal?

I really like to support local brands that are born in the area I grew up. Feels good to invest time and what we spend money on into something close to home.

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