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Carlo Narabal

I am a driven individual, who is trying to move up in the culinary world and cook amazing food and learn from other chefs.


Where are you from?

Born in the Philippines, grew up in San Diego and Riverside, now I live in Costa Mesa. I am Head Chef at Tanner’s in Huntington Beach.


What is your “pre-creativity” ritual? What gets you in the groove?

My ritual is me having cook books out, watching cooking shows to get the creative juices going and that gets me in the mood. Once I am in the mood I pop on some music, and get to cooking or writing recipes.


What is “success” to you?

Success is achieving a goal you set for yourself, the way you wanted to do it. Along with being able to bring the people that helped you through the grind achieve their goals.


What advice do you have for others chasing their dreams?

Focus on your goals and being better at your craft. Create your own path and be genuine in your art and character. Work harder than the rest.

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