You’re 21, right?
Yes, and stoked! No, I’m a grom.

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Cocktails By Hawk

The Mohawk behind the bar!


Where are you from?

I was born in Los Angeles, raised in San Diego, went to college in Oakland, and moved back to LA 6 years ago.


What first inspired you to be creative? What inspires you to be creative today?

My creativity comes from my love for music. I have a bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering. I love how there are so many working parts in order to create a great song. I then translate that energy into my craft in making cocktails.


What makes you feel connected to Surf City Still Works?

Growing up on the westside and being an avid beach go-er.


How did you first connect to Surf City Still Works?

I first connected with Surf City Still Works through a friend who wanted me to try their line of spirits. Loved all of them on the first try especially the rum.


Describe your perfect cocktail.

My perfect cocktail would have to have these two qualifications. One, it has to be balanced. Two, I would be able to order more than one.

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