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Luis del Pozo

My name is Luis Del Pozo and I’m from Mission Viejo California. I currently work for Mayfield as their Beverage Director.


What first inspired you to be creative? What inspires you to be creative today?

What first got me inspired to be creative was knowing that every decision taken to making a cocktail can make a great or unpleasant experience. What gets me inspired all the time is knowing that I have the power to curate an experience that can’t ever be replicated. It goes beyond just creating a tasty cocktail but encompassing multiple elements to make a memorable experience.


How has your artwork changed over time?

My palate has developed so it has influenced my point of view on how to approach a new cocktail. My interactions with my friends in the industry has helped me mold my own style. I’ve worked at very different places from high volume, to lounge craft,  seasonal cocktail pairings with cuisine. Checking out different bars with all kinds of different riffs on cocktails all have helped change my work for the better.


Are there any new elements/styles/etc. that you hope to incorporate into your artwork in the future?

I love to incorporate aromatics and color manipulation. Playing with perception is one of my favorites. Making my guests think one way and then completely blowing their minds the other way. For example having a pink flavored cocktail making them think is sweet and tart. But really it’s a perfectly balanced spirit forward cocktail with abundance of flavor.


Describe your perfect cocktail?

The perfect cocktail would be the one that encompasses as many experience elements. One that obviously tastes good that’s a given. But one that can tell a story, have some sort of aromatic. The method of preparation that is well thought out.  A garnish that helps the cocktail aesthetically but not be too much. Logistically can be made at an appropriate time and above all give you an experience that can’t be matched anywhere. I’m a sucker for a great Old Fashion and/or Margarita. I’m a simple guy really haha.


What is the proudest moment of your career?

Putting out my very first menu that also paired to a chefs menu. Gracias Madre has many handicaps but I saw those handicaps as opportunities.Running an all agave bar program that only used brands that support ethical production. While also being all Mexican/ Vegan cuisine. Also winning best bartender by OC Weekly in Orange County for 2019.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Stay true to who you are and love what you do” -Mom

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