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Niico x Swae

Childhood friends and LA based duo, Niiko x SWAE, spent their early days learning to produce and dreaming of pioneering a new lane in House Music. Flash forward to today, Niiko x SWAE are regulars on Dance Radio, recently releasing ‘Friends’ on Hardwell’s Gemstone Records with a premiere from Sirius XM’s BPM and becoming Music Choice’s “#1 Most Added Dance Song of The Week.” The duo is continuing this momentum with the release of I Ain’t Going Home, the first song off their debut EP, which is currently #39 on the Billboard Dance / Airplay Chart.


Furthermore, the Hakkasan Las Vegas residents, have become a staple to any successful remix package, releasing remixes for Bebe Rexha, Charlotte Lawrence, Cheat Codes and more. Niiko x SWAE’s Sacrifice remix for Bebe Rexha has seen a multitude of success, topping 1,000,000 streams in under one month and earning a top spot on KIIS FM’s “Top 20 Beats of the Week”. The guys have also been tapped for high-profile collaborations alongside Deorro, Kiiara, Zack Martino, and more. Niiko x SWAE are excited to continue the rollout of their debut Field Trip EP, coming soon on Armada.


Where are you two from?

We both grew up and currently live in Newport Beach!


What inspires you two the most?

Nothing inspires us more than seeing our fans have the time of their lives at our shows. At the end of the day everything we do is for our fans and our love for music. Another thing that inspires us is seeing our songs on the radio!


What is one thing you two cannot live without?

We both agree on the fact that we would not be able to live without music and live shows!
Individually, Niiko cannot live without cheeseburgers, the ocean, and skiing. SWAE cannot live without weed, sushi, and cheese fries.


What’s your “Pre-DJ” ritual? What gets you two in your DJ grove?

We like to keep it pretty mellow before shows. We always look forward to and fire ourselves up with a nice pre-game meal.


In one word, how do people close to you (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) describe you?



What makes you feel connected to Orange County?

Having grown up in Orange County, we are connected to all the friendships, family, and epic memories we have made over the last 25 years.


Describe your perfect cocktail.

Niiko loves a good Moscow mule or Paloma. Also anything with watermelon juice.
SWAE is a simple man – Vodka Soda and absolutely no lime.


What if your favorite theme song that gets you guys pumped up?

EASY. A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton or Drake and Josh Theme


What impact/impression do you hope your work makes on people/the world? OR What do you want people/society to “take away” from your work?

We want to make people laugh, smile and genuinely have a good time while at our shows or sets. If we can leave a lasting impact on just one person and make them feel like family, I think we accomplished our job. We want to be remembered as the guys who have hits and sold out shows but also without taking everything too seriously and remembering that at the end of the day its all for the fans and the love of the music


What is the proudest moment of your DJ career?

Getting to play Coachella was a surreal experience, especially growing up in Southern California and attending it year after year during high school and college.


What is “success” to you?

Success to us is making a living off doing something we are 100% passionate about. One day we would love to collaborate and share the same stage as some of the bigger DJs and producers that we have looked up to from the very beginning.


What advice do you have for others who are chasing their dreams? / What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be your true authentic self, have a plan, build a strong team, create a brand, and enjoy the process!!


Is this what you imagined yourself doing?

We both went to school and studied things that were polar opposite to working as a musician. Niiko studied real estate and SWAE studied economic sociology. As soon we put our heads together and started to play some serious shows, we both couldn’t imagine doing anything else as a full time profession.

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