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Scott Macias

My name is Scott Macias, I am a local photographer from Huntington Beach, CA. I currently reside in San Luis Obispo studying to receive my bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. I primarily love to photograph natural landscapes, portraits, botanical, and company products.


Where are you from?

Huntington Beach, CA!


What first inspired you to be creative? What inspires you to be creative today?

Inspiration to be creative had struck me early. I love learning and being open minded to new ideologies or perspectives from others. I first picked up a camera around the age of 15 traveling the world. The world taught me how different everyone lives and goes about life, and most importantly the values they cherish in life. Capturing portraits and a story from each person I shoot with has continued to inspire my creativity today, allowing me to continue to learn and develop new appreciations for life.


How has your artwork changed over time?

My artwork has developed in multiple different ways over the years. The quality and effort have drastically changed based upon my pursuit studying fellow photographers and experimentation. I developed a style in which high quality photography connects with old film style. I wanted to brand my photography with a diverse range of photos, not just one type of category. Ultimately, creating a connection with whoever or whatever the subject I am shooting at that moment of time.


What’s your “pre-creativity” ritual? What gets you in your creative groove?

Surfing and free diving in Laguna. Or being anywhere in HB.


What impact/impression do you hope your work makes on people/the world?

An impact or impression I want to leave others with from my work is to really be present in each moment in time. A lot of people tend to live in the past or think of the future. Each moment of time counts, and it’s only up to us to make it worth something. Whether it is a luminous sunset, surfing a big swell, or a casual portrait shoot, it is important to connect with that moment and to be present. The goal of my photography is for others to look at an image and imagine they are in that moment of time.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The best piece of advice I have been given to appreciate the most value commodity in life, which is time. Time does not stop for anything, so we should not stop for anything either. As this is the best advice I have been given, it is the goal of my work, to appreciate the moments in life which make up our time here on Earth!

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