Updated: Aug 18

Surf City Still Works' Bartenders Liz (left) and Allys (right)

February 24th marked World Bartender Day! After Surf City Still Works’ spirits are distilled and ready to pour, we rely on our uber talented bartenders to mix up some magic by crafting specialty cocktails in our tasting room. We’re giving you a sneak peak into the vibrant personalities behind the bar. Come in and say hello to Liz and Allys!


I have been bartending since: December 2018

I knew I wanted to work behind a bar when: I left my corporate job in Sales, and I had already been working as cocktail server on the side. This step was a no brainer, and I ended up loving it.

Define the perfect cocktail: I really enjoy spirit forward cocktails, simple with a little added flair, which is why I love a good Old Fashioned. We currently have a cocktail in the Tasting Room called, "Down in Kokomo," it is a take on a rum Old Fashioned. It is so perfectly executed with a little AllSpice syrup, a dash of coconut extract, some fresh lime juice, and garnished with a coconut flake rim, it really brings out the flavor in our Surfrider rum and takes you into tropical paradise.

I find inspiration in: Blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram. On Instagram, I follow several travel destination accounts and they always feature bars to visit, and it's inspirational to see what other countries are doing.

Favorite drink to mix: A classic Old Fashioned or a Bourbon Smash

If bartenders had superpowers, mine would be: Super Sonic hearing :)

I’d most like to mix a drink for: Dave Grohl

I’d probably make them: Sazerac or Negroni

If my bar shifts had a theme song it’d be: "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" - Cage the Elephant version

If I wasn’t bartending I’d be: Managing for a restaurant or event coordinating


I have been bartending since: August of 2011

I knew I wanted to work behind a bar when: Always! My Oma was a bartender and my mom was a bartender. It runs in the family.

Define the perfect cocktail: From the first sip, it transports you somewhere else. It will have the perfect blend of spirit, citrus, sweet, and a subtle bitter. One of my favorites is the Lavender Fields from the Spring 2019 menu. Our California Gin, Lavender syrup, chamomile bitter, fresh lemon and a dehydrated lavender sprig. It was lovely.

I find inspiration: Everywhere! Music, food, conversation with guests at the bar. Of course there are awesome podcasts and social sites that get the ideas flowing as well

Favorite drink to mix: I am not sure I could pick just one, but I do enjoy mixing martinis. The perfect martini makes me smile.

If bartenders had superpowers, mine would be: Seeing into the future. I have become pretty good at reading a room.

I’d most like to mix a drink for: Eric Castro, host of Bartender at Large.

I’d probably make them: Something with tequila.

If my bar shifts had a theme song it’d be: Feeling good - Nina Simone (The remix)

If I wasn’t bartending I’d be: A Beverage Director






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