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Top Shelf Styling with SCSW

Bring some Surf City Still Works “top shelf styling” to your bar cart! We have compiled some pro tips that will take your bar cart to the next level. The beautiful artwork on our bottles is the perfect launching point… and by adding a few key accessories and some TLC, your bar cart will become a focal point in your home!

Make a Statement with Glassware and Bar Tools – It’s functional, plus it adds a level of sophistication. Show your SCSW pride by putting our beautifully designed glassware on display. Shop here.

Leave Space for Natural Elements – Grab an elegant bowl or vase and fill it with fresh fruit (think lemons, limes or tangerines), flowers or succulents… Use colors that pop! Adding a touch of nature will bring your cart to life, and may even serve as a garnish in one of your favorite cocktails!

Style for the Season – Cooler weather is approaching fast, but our bottles naturally bring the sunshine – inside or out! Further accessorize with cocktail umbrellas or miniature pink flamingo swivel sticks

Send a Message – Use a chalk board or message board to add a personal greeting, or print out featured cocktails and place in a funky picture frame for added appeal.

Add Books – Have a favorite cocktail recipe, surf, travel or fashion book? Put it on display! Stack ‘em up for an even more elevated bit of flare.

Less is More – Incorporate the ideas above, but don’t feel pressure! Bar carts serve a very important purpose, so if you want to keep things purely functional, we won’t be mad at ya.

Now get out there and serve up your SCSW favorites with some serious style. Shop now and tag us in your bar cart photos on Instagram or Facebook!


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