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Top Three Ways to Drink Pierside Bourbon

We’ll own up to it – you probably didn’t think a good bourbon could come from anywhere other than Kentucky. But if you’ve heard any of the chatter on social media, our Pierside Bourbon seems to be a hit among the regular bourbon drinkers.

Why? It’s great to drink! Each batch of Pierside Bourbon is distilled with a classic high rye mash bill for complexity and a hint of sweet corn and barley. It opens spicy on the palate with a nice balance of honeyed vanilla, caramel and soft oak, with the right amount of warmth on the way down. We age our bourbon in new American Oak barrels and allow it to breathe in the fresh and salty air of Huntington Beach before.

Ready to try it out? Here are the top 3 ways to enjoy our Pierside Bourbon.

1. On the rocks (but only a couple): Pierside is well balanced and is most often enjoyed straight with a one or two small ice cubes to open it up a bit. If you have those nice ball or block ice trays, we suggest keeping those for the Pacific Reserve. You don’t want to water down the Pierside and dilute any of the rich flavors.

It’s even great without ice – go with how you feel!

2. In an Old Fashioned: The Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails in America. It dates back to the early 1800s and is a staple at most bars and restaurants. Though this cocktail has evolved over the years, with new spins and variations, we love coming back to the traditional: a nice smooth, slightly sweet cocktail to close out your day.

And when you make an Old Fashioned with our Pierside Bourbon, you get a perfectly crafted and well-balanced drink that isn’t too sweet and isn’t too spicy – it’ll be just what you’re looking for.

3. In our Goldenwest Martini Canned Craft Cocktail: Bourbon has historically been enjoyed at the end of a long day, or an after-work celebration. But with a bourbon as good as this, why limit ourselves? Our Goldenwest Martini was a huge hit on our Fall 2019 menu, so we put it in a can and onto store shelves for you to enjoy year round.

It’s made with our Pierside Bourbon, green apple, lemon, caramel and a bit of honey. Drink it from the can or pour it over rocks – finally you can enjoy a real cocktail from the convenience of a can!

We know you have other ideas and ways that you enjoy your Pierside Bourbon – tag on us Facebook and Instagram to share your favorite ways to enjoy it using @surfcitystillworks!


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