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Virtual Happy Hour

It’s video chat party time! Our team has done it, mastered it and now we’re here to help you coordinate the ultimate Virtual Happy Hour. Things to consider:

Who’s invited?
Who are you missing? Co-workers, family, friends, pets… all the above? Virtual Happy Hour is a great way to reconnect and even introduce people in your network that might have never had the opportunity to meet before!

What to drink?
Cocktails are obvi a must, and YOU are the bartender! Show off your skills by mixing your preferred party beverage. Think mojitos with our Surfrider Rum, an old fashioned with our Pierside Bourbon or crack open one of our delicious (and effortless) canned craft cocktails. Add a colorful garnish for style points!

Bar cart looking bare? Don’t forget, WE DELIVER!!!

What’s the plan?
Get creative! Show off your beverages and get to chatting. Take your party a step further by hosting trivia, exchanging favorite jokes or sharing baby photos of each other! Any musicians in the group? This sounds like the perfect time to make some special song requests. Make sure to give everyone a heads up if your virtual plan requires some prep time.

PRO TIP: If “game night” is your style, don’t forget to send out prizes! Send spirits or merch from our online store.

Which service?
There are lots of video call services: Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. Our team prefers Zoom because it’s extremely user friendly. Note that Zoom’s free accounts allow for 40 minutes of live group video chat, so you might want to upgrade the service for more lengthy parties.

We are excited to hear all about your Virtual Happy Hours! Take a screenshot and post it as inspiration for the rest of the world. Don’t forget to tag Surf City Still Works on Instagram and Facebook. CHEERS!


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